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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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so keep that in mind. however, we'll have warm weather later this week. highs today in the 70s only. >> a thousand followers in cuba, pope francis also exchanged books with former dictator fidel castro. >> there he is, wearing a sweat suit to meet the pope! >> remember, there were rumors he wasn't around. he's alive, and the pope arrives tomorrow. >> a big boat capsized, and that caused big problems for a guy who was in the process of proposing to his girlfriend. a dragon boat capsized in the east river. everybody made it out okay, 19 people onboard. >> the yankees take the subway series with the victory over the mets. >> the giants, man, oh, man, again. two weeks in a row they blew a 10-point lead in the final
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minutes of the game. giants, man, we've got to get it together. >> and it was a night of firsts at the emmys. viola davis became the first african-american woman to win top honors. jon hamm breaks his losing streak. >> now that the show's off the air, they're giving him an award. andy samberg was, i thought, pretty good. i thought he was pretty, pretty good. >> i thought he was funny. >> all right. so what else is going on? how was madonna? somebody went to the concert. >> yeah. >> did you vogue? >> she did vogue. let me tell you something, this woman still gets down. she is an entertainer. costume changes, sets, on the floor, taking off shifts. i mean, climbing poles. >> there she goes. >> upside down. >> how was the music? >> the music was great. she played a lot of oldies, and i had a brief encounter with madge. >> let's see the pictures,
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please. >> backstage. this is my brother-in-law, you barclays. >> i'm sorry, that's madonna? >> that was madonna before she went on stage. >> she looks ordinary. >> they had her hair pinned up, and then they took it out, but this was on her way going on stage. i got a brief encounter. >> i'm sure she loved posing for that picture. >> she actually was very, very nice. i was expecting quite the diva but, no, she was lovely. >> good for you, rosanna. >> my big encounter with madge. madonna. all right. >> anyway, by the way, anderson cooper got up on stage at barclays. [laughter] whatever. he got up on stage? >> no. he did some dirty dancing with that donna. >> let's see, i got locked out of my car this weekend. i did, actually. >> how did you manage that?
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>> i just out of my sequence, and there they were on the front cement. $15 for the guys to come. >> how do you lock the car -- >> remember, my car is 12 years old, so i always lock the thing with the actual button. >> push the button down. >> oh. >> it was almost not worth it to pay the guy to get the keys out. >> you should have said, i'm getting a new car, take it. >> leave it on the street. nope, i'm actually great it's back. hi, audrey, in for mike woods. featuring a new hairdo. [laughter] >> i like it. >> it's straight. >> yes, it is straight. >> parking lotted in the center. i like it -- parted it in the center. >> you've got to try something different. >> yeah. want change to happen, you've got to make change. >> so what did you do? greg had his car keys, you know -- >> that was fun. how about you? >> i was here working, so, you know, i kind of -- >> we all bring something different to the table. >> yes.
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have a better story next monday. >> you can make something up. that's always good. [laughter] >> all right, folks. we are starting out pretty chilly across the tristate area, temperatures in the 40s north and west, so grab a sweater or light jacket as you held out this morning. we're in the 50s in central park, 57 in islip and 61 down the shore this bell mauer. it's 57 at newark liberty airport. wind speeds coming in out of the northeast at about 10 miles per hour, but it will be breezy today. we could have gusts, and that will make it feel chilly this the shade as you go through your monday today. we are starting to see some clouds begin to filter in across the area, made for a beautiful sunrise a while ago. we are expecting a mix of sun and clouds as we go be through our monday, and our eyes are watching an area of low
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pressure. this will bring us more clouds and maybe an isolated sprinkle across the jersey shore. bundle up the kids this morning because temperatures are cool. it'll warm up to the low 70s at the bus stop this afternoon. we usher in the autumn season on wednesday, and plenty of week. that's a check of your weather, let's see how it looks on the roads this morning. >> good morning, audrey. yeah, monday morning, here we go. problems on the southern state parkway eastbound, you do have delays on the lie this morning, normal delay by willis avenue there, and then it picks up again as you pass little neck because of an earlier accident, so that delay for you. new jersey checking in with no problems, union and essex county, 78 and 280 are fine. the parkway, normal slowdown as you pass 280. on the staten island expressway
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by victory boulevard eastbound normal delays heading towards the verrazano, westbound, you're fine. accident on the lower level of the gwb, you're left with a 20 minute delay, 20 on the upper. bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge, normal slowdown northbound, and with trains, path train delays out of hoboken heading towards 33rd and the world trade center. greg and rosanna. >> all right, the pope, he's coming. right now he's in cuba, and they're delighted by his visit there. he met with ty be dell castro, the long time ruler. there he is in an adidas sweat suit meeting the pope. >> he's making his way to washington, d.c., pope francis scheduled to arrive here in the city as you know on thursday afternoon. until then final security measures are being put in place. fox 5's teresa priolo, everybody's saying that
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everything is okay, we can handle this, right, teresa? >> and that the nypd is up for the job and that they are all set. good morning,, greg and rosanna, good morning, everyone. first, let's begin with the pope's trip to havana, to cuba. he greeted hundreds of thousands of people yesterday telling them they should open their arms to the world. he had an optimistic message ahead of his u.s. visit. a message of peace from pope francis as upwards of 200,000 of the adoring faithful packed the icon kick revolution square battling the sweltering sun to celebrate mass with his holiness. pope francis using his first transcribe to cuba to remind cubans -- most of whom are catholic but not practicing -- that service is not ideological for we do not serve ideas, we serve people, a subtle jab at cuba's communist system.
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he met privately with former dictator fidel castro. the two men exchanged pleasant tries and books. >> the pope was very happy about this meeting. some of the members of the family of fidel were present, and the conversation was informal and familiar. >> this weekend's trip, the beginning of pope francis' whirlwind nine-day jaunt to our neck of the weeds. he heads to washington on tuesday and then to new york on thursday where his schedule assembly. >> my concern is that there's a hot of moving parts, but we know how to wring them together. we have, as you heard, over 170 world leaders and his holiness. never happened before at the absolutely ready. new yorkers. >> i think this is a very special pope, and it's an interesting moment in the church, you know? obviously, even has had trying times all over the world, and this is a great pope, and it's
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>> and just to remind everybody, the pope comes to town thursday night, leaves saturday morning. your best use of your time would not be sitting in traffic, but rather using mass transit. that's the latest this morning in midtown, back to both of you. >> it's going to be a big deal. we've got special coverage from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves. >> yeah. and, also, you may want to know about street closures, go to, and we'll have all that information for you. and don't forget we also have it on our app. do you have your app on your phone? >> i work here, i should. >> yeah, it's good. >> we have this, folks. murders all weekend long. the latest one happened early this morning in the bronx. a cab driver was shot. 39-year-old found with a gunshot, fatal gunshot wound to his head. >> yeah. he was in the front seat of a green lincoln town car, possibly a borough cab. he died at the scene.
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street and bow possibility avenue about 1:30 this morning. if you have any information, please call police. violence in the city. three people were gunned down in brooklyn yesterday. a total of seven victims shot dead across the city this less than 24 hours. in less than 24 hours. >> one of the victims in downtown brooklyn was a man, 76 years old. police say he was caught in the middle of a shooting of the courtyard of a housing project. governor cuomo called for lawmakers to step in. >> the madness has to stop is, it has to stop in washington! [cheers and applause] we have to tell those federal officials stand up and show the political courage to do something about gun violence once and for all! [applause] >> there were at least 11 murders for the week across the city, that's up from just two during the same week last year. >> all right. politics.
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the retired neurosurgeon who's running for president? yesterday on one of the sunday shows he said something that, well, surprised a lot of people. he says, basically, he would never support somebody of the muslim faith becoming president. he's got big problems with that. >> and there's also a new poll showing donald trump's still number one, but carly fiorina is moving on up. she's in second place. fox 5's robert moses has the little round-up this morning. hello, robert. >> good morning to you. we have already seen wild swings in the polls practically from one week to the next. most pundits believe that carly fiorina won wednesday's debate, and that is reflected in these impressive new numbers, but her record as ceo of hewlett-packard will undoubtedly be statute scrutinized just as it was when she ran for senate this california phi years ago. you may have taken the weekend off, but presidential candidates
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>> a new cnn/orc poll showed, indeed, wednesday was a good evening for carly fiorina. the poll shows that donald trump has the support of 24% of respondents who identify as or lean republican. fiorina rocketed into second place with 15%, ben carson is in third with 14%. the poll shows just how strong fiorina's performance was and how hungry americans are fur a pretty -- for a political outsider. nearly a third of republicans surveyed in the poll thought trump lost wednesday's debate. during a town hall meeting on the day after, trump failed to correct a man who claimed that president obama is muslim. >> problem in this country, it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. >> that comment led to a debate on the sunday talk shows about whether a muslim should ever be president. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim this charge of this nation, i absolutely would not
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congress is a different story, but it depends on who that muslim is and what their policies are just as it depends on what anybody else says. >> upon hearing carson's comment, the council on american islamic relations called on him to pull out of the race. trump was asked a similar question about supporting a muslim for president. >> it's something that could happen? would i be comfortable? i don't know if we have to address it right now, but it is certainly something that could happen. >> on the democratic side, jill biden said she would be, quote, onboard if her husband were to run. >> i just have the greatest respect and affection for him, and i think everybody just ought to give him the space to decide family. >> there's a new college poll of registered new york state voters out this morning. it is notable because for the first time those who have an unfavorable view of hillary clinton outnumber those with a favorable view, as you can see
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there by 51% to 46%. the poll also found that the majority of registered democrats think joe biden should run. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. meanwhile, on television last night, the emmy awards, huh? >> adam samberg was very funny -- >> andy, the guy from snl. >> i'm sorry, what'd i call him, adam? >> that's all right. >> he did this whole opening song where he wraps himself in some cape, he smells, he's got a big beard, but he watched every show. same thing with us. who is this guy again? >> yeah, right. what else happened? let's go to anna gilligan for more. hi, anna. >> hi, good morning. lots of good moments from last night including viola davis made history by becoming the first african-american to win an emmy for best actress in a drama series for her role in how to get away with murder. and it was her speech that blew everyone away.
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>> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. [applause] you cannot be -- cannot win an emmy for roles that are simply not there. >> she also quoted abolitionist harriet tubman and thanked other ground breaking actresses. after 16 nominations in his career, jon hamm finally wins for his role as don draper on madmen. he got a standing ovation, and he flopped his way onto the stage. but perhaps one of the biggest surprises and emotional moments of the night belonged to tracy morgan presenting the outstanding drama award to game of thrones. >> i miss you guys so much. last year jim hawaii kimmel
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said -- jimmy kimmel said on the stage, we'll see you back here, tracy morgan. >> he showed his sense of humor was still very much intact. >> only recently i've started to feel like myself again, which means a whole lot of women are afterparty. [laughter] speech. >> he just got married! >> yeah, yeah. and then we're taking a look at julia louis-dreyfus because she won for the forty year in -- fourth year in a row for veep. they also won best comedy series. also winning big was olive kitteridge. >> who's that? >> i mean, they won everything in the limited series category, best actress -- >> what does that mean? >> that's richard jenkins. >> what do they mean by limited? >> it was like a two-night, two hour event.
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>> it was a fantastic thing. bill murray also won best supporting for that. >> lady gaga looked great, by the way. she looked so pretty. >> wow. >> yeah, she looked great. by the way, did you see jimmy kimmel? he ate the -- >> he had a beard. >> his joke was no one could stop you if you announced the wrong 'em hawaii winner. >> he ate the winner, so he said he was just going to -- he took out the piece of paper and ate it. >> no one could trace back to who was the real winner. >> you had to be there. did you see that part, anna? >> it went to jeffrey tambor. >> it was funny. >> audrey had to wait for the emmys to go off before you worked last night. >> yes, yes, we were all here. >> i saw you in the commercial during the emmys. >> oh, that's right. >> yeah, we had a commercial. >> oh, my god, we're on tv! [laughter] focus. [laughter]
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let's talk temperatures this morning. we have readings in the 40s north and west. islip you are checking in at 57. westchester, a lot of readings in the 50s. it's a cold start this bedford where your temperature's at 49, and down in the bronx the temperature is 59. our wind speed is coming out of the northeast roughly about 10 miles per hour on average, we'll continue to be breezy and windy as we go through the afternoon. we could see gusts as high as 20 miles per hour. clouds are overspreading the area part of an area of low pressure passing the southeast, so expect a mix of sun and clouds today, clouds tomorrow, we should stay dry, but maybe an isolated sprinkle across the jersey shore tomorrow evening. wednesday everything clears out just in time for our new season of autumn. sun and clouds today, highs in the low 70s. tonight we'll drop down into the
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40s once again north and west. 75 tomorrow, 78 on the first day of autumn, close to 80 on thursday. plenty of sunshine. track the weather along with us on our fox 5ny weather app and you can find it free on the google play and is itunes store. >> southbound by yankee stadium, there's a stall that has a lane blocked. new jersey, route 80 doing okay as you approach 287, but you can see some delays eastbound past exit 30. let's go to our cameras, take a look at your commute on the northern state parkway. you have two problems eastbound and westbound, but most of the delays are on the westbound pseudo. traffic, only one lane moving with this accident. and on the eastbound some activity off to the shoulder, so you have that move-over going on there with the traffic. normal delays heading towards the 59th street bridge southbound.
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no problems towards the north carolina triborough bridge. greg and rosanna. >> thank you. rumor has it the helicopter is over min goal la in nassau county. what do you got there, jimmy? >> ah, how can you tell? >> the greenery -- i had an intelligence report. >> okay. >> just to the south t of you is garden city there, jim. >> and i understand there's something very significant about garden city. >> oh, really? there? >> all right, jim, thank you very much. i'll show you the fence when we get back. >> we'll be right back. d be ready. cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. t need a loan. we needed short-term funding.
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>> digital cocoon, we're all many a digital cocoon with those headphones. >> 7:23. make sure you have a jacket today, it is chilly out there. hey, over the weekend, i was so surprised. we just had jackie collins on our show in june, one of our favorite guests. sadly, she died. she was battling breast cancer. never even mentioned that she was going through such a fight when she was here. >> close friends, some family members, apparently, didn't know. she was 77 years old. international best-selling
7:24 am
of millions of copies sold. she's been on good day new york probably a half dozen times over the years. her last appearance was just this past june. >> and jackie collins is back on good day new york. we love having you here. >> i love being here. this is my favorite morning show. >> a half billion copies. >> that's a loot of books -- a lot of books, baby. >> how many languages, by the way? >> oh, about 40 different languages. chinese, japanese, russian. i'm very big in russia. >> just june 17th. >> i though. i know. you know, i'm reading a lot about it. i'm fascinated how she was able to keep this a secret. apparently, even from her own sister. she only let her know two weeks ago that she was not well. >> her sister, joan collins, of course. >> yeah. but she apparently gave an interview to people magazine just last week. i guess she knew that the end was near, and she talked about that she lived her life her way, you know?
7:25 am
sorry for her, and that's why she never came out and publicly talked about that she was battling this disease. >> she was a terrific woman, and we'll have more on her life and times in the 9:00 hour. very sad to report that. >> rest in peace. >> indeed. >> all right. in response to the growing refugee crisis in europe, secretary of state john kerry says that the u.s. will accept 85,000 refugees from around the world next year. >> okay. >> and that number will rise to 100,000 the year after. the refugees, many who are there syria, would be referred by the united nations, screened by the department of homeland security and then resettled in america. >> this has become a touchy issue, a lot of folks believe that perhaps members of isis, would-be terrorists might be part of the refugee community coming to america. >> slip in. >> so it's been debated in the presidential campaign trail. all right, we've got to go to paris. the eiffel tower actually was
7:26 am
closed down for a while. there was a terror alert there. >> well, it's back open this morning. a police helicopter spotted three men with backpacks climbing on the structure yesterday morning. officers closed down the tower while they searched for the men but turned up nothing. police think the men may have been extreme sportsmen who parachuted off of it. >> hey, we know what that's like. remember the world trade center? >> yes. france has been on high alert since the "charlie hebdo" massacre back in january. >> have you ever been to the top of the eiffel tower? >> yes, have you? >> no, it was closed the day i went. they light it up at night. it's kind of cool. >> anyway, so it's back open this morning in case you decide to take your pj over there today. >> pj? >> private jet. >> oh, is that what you folks call it? [laughter] >> i don't think so. >> hey, we're swinging a ride on a private jet. hey, we've actually made arrangements, and we might get a ride --
7:27 am
>> that's right. just to go somewhere. we don't even know where. a, this nika from empire's here
7:28 am
7:29 am
you see madonna on saturday night, you're going to see the pope on friday night. >> i know. >> let's see. in between, the president. >> the president, yeah, when is the president coming -- >> i think thursday. >> thursday, yeah. >> the president of the united states, the president of uganda, the whole world is going to be here. >> that's true. and they're starting to come in. the u.n. is in session. >> we've got to review our flags to impress the diplomatic community. >> in the, one of -- in fact, one of our loyal viewers sent me cards of the flags. >> yeah. so i need to start reviewing. >> okay. we've got american flags all over the place. what else happened this weekend? i did see that new johnny depp movie where he plays the gangster. >> and what did you think of it? >> okay. okay. >> okay. >> it was decent. it was no departed. remember departed? >> i had emily smith's baby shower yesterday from page six.
7:30 am
>> you hosted the shower? >> no. maria -- also, you know, the famous cartoonist, she hosted the party. >> how about that, and you went. i sense all kinds of page six mentions this in the future -- >> you better be lucky i don't call her up and say, you know what greg did today? >> you've gotta power. [laughter] >> don't make me call the daily news. >> are they still in business? >> easy, baby. don't pick pa fight. here's audrey. >> good morning to both of you. did you feel the chill in the air this morning? >> hello. it was cold. i needed a jacket. >> you want to grab it because it is a little cool especially north and west of the city where you start off in the 40s this morning. we are having fall-like weather across the area and just in time for the season to start on wednesday. today it's officially summer, folks.
7:31 am
poughkeepsie. it's 59 in central park, montauk is checking in at 59 right now. let's head over to northern new jersey where we see a lot of readings in the 50s, hoe boeing b's at 59 -- hoboken's at 59. moving northeast wind flow, the winds are coming in at about 10 miles per hour on average, but they will be picking up in speed throughout the afternoon, and it'll be windy today and tomorrow which will provide a bit of a chill especially when standing in the shade over the next couple of days. clouds rolling in too, right thousand we're seeing -- now we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds, low pressure develop canning right around western virginia and western north carolina. this one's going to track its way just towards our southeast here as we go into the next let's say 12-24 hours, and it'll be close enough to throw clouds across the area, but fortunately
7:32 am
not expecting any rain that'll. maybe an isolated sprinkle across the jersey shore, but other than that we'll stay dry. a mix of sun and clouds through your monday here, temperatures will warm up into the low 70s. tomorrow we'll be at 75. 78 for the high number on the first day of autumn on wednesday, plenty of sunshine and the sunny skies will stay with us with temperatures remaining in the middle to upper 70s. let's see how nice it is on the roads this morning. ines is here with your traffic update. >> hi, audrey. not looking very good especially on the northern state parkway, serious accident causing delays both directions. jim myth, what's going on -- smith, what's going on? >> ines, we're over the eastbound side of the northern state parkway here to jericho turnpike. that car was overturned, it's been uprighted and pushed off to the side of the road. for some time there was just one lane open, now it looks like
7:33 am
and there were also several other vehicles involved in the accident. bumper to bumper delays now back to willis avenues, also on the westbound side as well. >> thanks, jim. staten island, normal delays on the expressway as you head towards the verrazano bridge. there's an earlier problem on the lie which left a mess for the morning commute. delays back into long island are. white stone bridge, you do have delays on the cross island parkway. cameras, take a look at things on the 59th street bridge, the bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge, normal delays northbound if you're taking the grand central parkway eastbound by jewel avenue, also a normal slowdown. trains looking good, everything running on or close to schedule. earlier switching problems with the path trains have been fixed. >> thank you very much. seven new yorkers were shot and killed over the weekend. actually, eight if you include the cab driver who was gunned
7:34 am
down this the bronx early this morning. so a tough weekend. gun violence again. now, unrelated to that but also a police issue, we have james blake, the tennis star who was tackled in front of the hotel, he's seeing the mayor later. >> yeah. he plans to meet with mayor de blasio and the police commissioner. you may recall blake was tackled in a case of mistaken identity outside the new york city hotel while he was waiting for a ride to the u.s. open. carrie drew is outside the grand hyatt in midtown where this all went down. carrie, what are you hearing? >> good morning to you, greg and rosanna. we don't know many details at this point about time or location, but the mayor's office has confirmed that james blake will be meeting with mayor de blasio and commissioner whereatton at some point -- bratton at some point later today. right now we're standing at the location where he was tackled by a nypd officer in a case of mistaken identity.
7:35 am
surveillance video from earlier this month, back on september 9th, captured the officer grabbing blake by the arm and throwing thoim the ground after mistaking him for a suspect. that officer has since been placed on desk duty while internal affairs detectives investigate the incident. but blake has said he should be fired. >> i don't think there's much of a gray area. i don't think this person should ever have a badge or a gun again. >> the mayor and police commissioner have both publicly apologized to blake, they also called him to personally apologize. shortly after the incident blake did release a statement that said he's calling on the city of new york to make a financial commitment to improve the relationship between the police and the public they serve. we don't know what will be discussed today in the meeting, but that, perhaps, will be among the topics. for now that's the latest outside the grand hyatt this midtown this morning, back to you. >> thank you very much, carrie drew. we have this as well. a boat cap sizes, anna. >> there was a proposal going on
7:36 am
on that boat. a man was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend, and the boat they were this capsized in the east river. franklin chu is his name, his fiancee, vicki lee. they had to be rescued yesterday after dragon boat they were on -- can they were rowing -- sank near college point, queens. he had just proposed to his girlfriend on the boat, presenting her with a stunning engagement ring, when i think a few weaks knocked over the boat. a few wakes knocked over the boat. >> it was just making it back to the -- thankfully, i held onto the ring. >> good thing i listened to him and didn't put the ring this the dry bag, was that would be at the bottom of the water right now. >> they were all wearing life preservers, that's key. even when you think the water's calm. that's why everybody survived. good stuff. where did lou propose to you? did he do anything fancy,
7:37 am
elaborate? >> it was the day that i got fired from another tv station, and he wanted to, you know, get me out of my bad mood, and he proposed to me. >> atta boy, lou. >> yeah. somehow, yeah -- >> it took the sting out of it? >> it took the sting out of it. >> when you got rehired, the wedding was still on, obviously. [laughter] nice job. >> and we just actually versely. things are looking good this morning, 7:38. nice to have you'll with us on good day new york. greg, when are you going to pop the question? >> good question. [laughter] >> i'll take you to tiffany. [laughter] i'll help you fog up the windows. [laughter] >> i hear, actually, tiffany's a bit of a ripoff, you should go to the diamond district. that's what i hear. that's what they say. some people say. >> i don't know about that. patients across the
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a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> oh, you see all those little barriers up there? >> uh, what? [laughter]
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>> oh, yeah, sure. so you can't get into the park. >> because don't forget, that's where the pope will be swinging by at some point on friday. >> oh, that's right. well, all i'm focused on is madison square garden. you got us in. and who else is going to be there? the whole diplomatic community, right? >> absolutely. >> pretty much everybody. so we're going to bone up on our flags of the world. >> yeah. >> so if you meet, you know -- >> who? the. >> the head of mow sam week, is your flag the one with the ak-47 on it? actually, i think that might be an goal la. all right, let's get to audrey with the weather. >> hello, audrey. >> good morning, everyone. we are starting off with a chilly start across much of the area, especially north and west. that's where we're finding readings this the 40s. we've now dropped down to 59 in central park, 57 in i slip, and montauk at 59. across northern new jersey we're
7:41 am
program miss -- pa ram mis. you may want to grab a sweater or light jacket as you head out the door. a northeast wind coming in at 10 miles per hour on average, gusting as high as 20 this around, so that means it's going to feel chilly in the shade. we do have some clouds working in as we start off our week here, and we'll have more clouds tomorrow courtesy of an area of low pressure that will be passing just to our southeast. it'll be close enough to throw back the cloud cover, but we're not expecting any rain out of it. maybe an isolated sprinkle across coastal new jersey and the south shore of long island, but that's about it. today we'll warm up to the mid 70s, closer to average. it'll continue to be windy tomorrow with high readings mostly this the 70s. wednesday's our first day of autumn, and we'll have a high temperature of 78, plenty of sunshine, and we'll take those
7:42 am
weekend where temperatures will hover in the 70s for thursday, friday, and even into saturday and sunday. ines has your traffic update. >> yeah. sky fox earlier on long island, eastbound an accident involving a flipped-over car. now it's off to the shoulder, this is all by will lets roads. traffic backed up. the southern state eastbound has delays because of a crash. connecticut and 95, had an accident there quickly clear away as you pass the connector, but southbound traffic moving slow as you approach the area. let's go to our cameras, take a look at your commute on the long island expressway. ronkonkoma, george washington bridge upper level this morning, it's about 30, 35 minutes inbound. 20-30 on the lower level. lincoln tunnel, backed up to route 3 on the turnpike as usual.
7:43 am
the holland tunnel has a 30 minute delay. >> all right, time for duke. a lot of things happened yesterday. >> yeah, a lot of things. the late game mets and the yankees, the big story did the mets lift matt harvey too early? i think so. i mean, there's innings, and then there's stressful innings. there's pitch counts and stressful pitch counts. i mean, it's an arbitrary number. the yanks are now two and a half games behind the toronto blue jays. harvey had great stuff from the get go. gave up just one hit this five scoreless innings. terry collins pulled him after five even though harvey threw just 77 pitches, and he was cruising. and it cost 'em. you knew it was coming after harvey was lifted, sloppy defense. two-run double to right center field, that got all the way to the wall. yanks take a 2-1 lead.
7:44 am
some big hits of late, three-run homer, and yankees led 5-1, they win it 11-2. they are just two and a half games behind the blue jays heading into a huge series with toronto tonight. mets lead over washington down to six games. i still say no chance, zero, that they collapse. yankees f they sweep the series against the jays, you know, i mean, anything is possible. the yanks did announce last night tanaka will miss his scheduled start wednesday in toronto because of a hamstring strain which he strained in mets. always got to be careful of hamstring strips. they say it's not too serious, but anyway, the colts and the jets tonight, i like the jets a lot in this game even though all right. just a feeling there. all right, now to the giants.
7:45 am
yesterday at home against atlanta, more fourth quarter troubles, so many mental mistakes. this is not what you expect from a tom coughlin/eli manning football coach. i mean, too many mental mistakes by this team in general. the giants honored the team that won super bowl 25 with a special halftime ceremony, bill parcells carrying out that trophy. i love that team. never forget that super bowl. third quarter, giants driving. here's the biggest point in the game. eli manning fumbles after being hit from behind, atlanta recovers. that's not a good thing. matt ryan hitting hankerson, giants cut the heed to 20-17. after 450u8 owe jones catch -- julio jones catch, that proved to be the game winner. atlanta takes it 4-20. the giant -- 24-20. the giants now 0-2 for the year,
7:46 am
start the season 0-2 after blowing two fourth quarter leads. do you give the g-men any chance of making the postseason? dallas lost tony romo for a while yesterday, broken clavicle. dez bryant is hurt. you know, philly looked brutal yesterday against dallas. they're 0-2. washington, they have their issues even though they're 1-1. all right, giants, fans, that pass from eli at the end of the game, he has to catch this ball. season. giants fans really let him have it yesterday. he caught a ball, and can they gave him the bronx cheer. meantime, james jones back for the packers. he did it again. another touchdown catch. right now? he was signed by the packers after the giants cut him. he now has three touchdown
7:47 am
catches, does jones, in the first two games of the season as the packers beat seattle in a rematch of last year's championship game. seahawks now 0-2 on the year. ask that is a look at sports. greg, what have you got going on over there? >> he's figuring out the flags. we have to get into that again. >> we want to impress the diplomatic community can anybody >> oh. >> uganda. i had to look. let's see here. oh, boy. >> i like the colors. >> this is togo to. let's see. how about a little music, huh? oh, boy. berkinny faso. >> where's that? [laughter] >> exactly. >> swaz siland, heard of that. >> oh, that's an interesting flag. >> isn't that nice? >> yeah. >> oh, boy. >> we need a map on top of all of this. >> this is ma rich shus, it's an island somewhere.
7:48 am
rwanda. >> rwanda. okay, thank you. >> all right. we're going to nail these before they get here. [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? call time warner cable to get the internet speed you need. are you guys texting each other? whether it's 3 megs or 300 megs, yeah. for the right price. from $14.99 everyday low price internet,
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we have you covered. even with wifi at home and on the go. plans start at $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc to switch today.
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dad took a job with the transit authority in '62 because he wanted excellent healthcare for his family. hip and ghi which is now emblemhealth were the first to provide affordable and quality health care for new yorkers. when i became a professor i had a choice, and i chose emblemhealth. that choice meant that when my baby harry needed an operation, he got a world-class neurosurgeon. today all three generations of dawson's are still with emblemhealth. emblemhealth: what care feels like... in the neighborhood. >> all right. after football -- or during
7:51 am
>> i thought ann samberg did a very nice job. >> the host. >> yeah. >> used to be on snl. >> and now on brooklyn 99 on fox. he did a great job of delivering quick joke after joke. he also made several tuxedo changes which i thought were funny in multiple color, and he had several skits. the joke is he has to lock himself into a tv-viewing bunker in order to watch all the tv shows that are nominated for the emmys. once i fulfill my destiny, i shall return. [laughter] i watched every show, every single episode. i'm all caught up, and i feel superb. i've overjoyed because my dvr -- >> very funny skit. then they're all horrified by
7:52 am
how long he hasn't showered. >> there's don drape kerr. he won an award last night. >> finally. >> after being nominated eight times for that role. >> kerry washington. >> exactly. >> that was a fun gag. what else? >> he also made some other jokes that landed well with the audience including this one. >> donald trump, of course, is running for president to the delight of uncles everywhere. [laughter] but i've got to say, sure, donald trump seems racist -- [laughter] what else? [laughter] >> hey. >> that was -- >> come on. >> that was, he had a bernie sanders line here. >> bernie sanders always looks like his flight is delayed. >> yeah, i didn't really get that one. >> his hair is messy -- >> he's always harried? >> that guy looks like a mess. >> you know what? it's so funny, when he did that kim davis joke about --
7:53 am
about paula deen on dancing with the stars -- >> it felt like the audience didn't know who she was, and it took me a second, oh, it was the clerk who was not giving out the marriage certificates to gay couples. >> all right. we think andy samberg stunk. >> no, he was very good. he got a good response. and the daily show won big in its final year in contention beating out the late show with david letterman, jon stewart's acceptance speech. >> to everybody on television, i just want to tell you, cling to it as long as you can. i have been off television for six weeks, seven weeks, whatever it is. this is the first applause i've heard. it is -- [laughter] it is a barren wasteland out there. >> he also joked that now when he grabs food off tables, he has to pay for it. it was a very good speech. and another big return to the
7:54 am
spotlight for sandra lee, she wore this gown from the 1970s. she's, of course, food networks can -- >>? >> at the emmys. >> this is, basically -- >> the first time since she had to go back into surgery since her double maas text hawaii. >> good for her. >> she looked great. >> maze runner, the scorch trials, won the weekend box office with just over $30 million. the sequel beat out johnny depp's black mask which opened with just over $23 million -- >> i spent 15 of those dollars. >> on black mask? >> it was okay. okay plus. >> did you only buy one ticket? >> solo, actually. what else about the movies? boy, oh, boy, it seemed very pricey to me. >> expensive. >> okay. what else? >> well, that was good for johnny depp because his last several movies have not done so well. this third was the visit with 11.3 million, perfect guy was fourth and everest rounded out the top five. >> excellent. thank you so much.
7:55 am
>> thanks, guys. >> all right. we have a facebook fan of the hour. >> oh,tiffany, thank you for supporting good day. whoa! >> tiffany, looking good this morning, saying nice things about us on the facebook page, and you coul it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled.
7:56 am
it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle.
7:57 am
someone from the muslim faith
7:58 am
seeking the presidency. what else? >> not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i wouldn't agree with that. greg: that happened yesterday on meet the press. he didn't ask why not. rosanna: he said islam is inconsistent with the constitution. greg: what else? rosanna: 19 people were rescued river. one man was proposing to the girlfriend on board and he held on to the ring. beautiful ring. greg: happy ending. so the diplomats are headed here. the heads of state are heading here. we brush up on the world flags. rosanna: every year it is new to me. this is a very important flag. greg: that is vatican. rosanna: what is on the key?
7:59 am
it is a key. greg: it is smaller than most of okay. group. this is croatia. this is netherlands. this is a tough one. rosanna: luxembourg. they have a lot of color. greg: one the narrower. rosanna: france. greg: switzerland. we know that one. rosanna: portugal. are we tested on this? greg: yes. tough know these. monaco. similar to poland. a quick review. rosanna: how do you remember slovakia.
8:00 am
greg: i don't know. connected to spain? audrey: portugal. rosanna: this is not good. thank you for sending me the flash cards. working on it. anything that tries to make me remember. okay, audrey, how are you? by the way, where is mike? audrey: he took the day off. greg: good for him. rosanna: did he get a fellowship some where? audrey: he's working on it. it is a good day to be off. it is beautiful. rolling in. the temperatures are feeling cooler. we are already feeling it in the suburbs in the 40s and 50s. monticello 46. 59 in the city. kind of need a sweater this morning.
8:01 am
bridgeport 57 degrees right now. albany 50 degrees. 56 in boston. 50 in buffalo. milder in philly 61. we have 64 in the nation's capital. we have clouds spilling in. clouds. to time. tomorrow more in the way of clouds, all courtesy of the area ov low pressure that we are watching, it is meandering through western virginia and headed up to maryland and going to pass just to southeast. i think don't think we are going to see the rain out of it. everyone should be staying dry. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. the numbers are rising into the 70s. tomorrow mid 70.
8:02 am
chilly in the shade. plenty of sunshine. autumn on wednesday. sunny for thursday and friday. temperatures staying in the mid to upper 70s. the lows in the 50s and 60s in and around the city. now to roads with ines. ines: all right, audrey, here is what is going on right now. long island, an accident westbound here approaching exit 60 ronkonkoma. there are delays there. in the bronx, deegan is jammed. new jersey problems on the garden state parkway, car lanes northbound approaching interchange 12 an accident. northern state parkway, a flipped over car earlier. that is cleared away. still leflt with a delay there. just minor at the moment. the trains, metro-north, long island rail road, nmg nj transit
8:03 am
and the path trains are running on or close to schedule. >> rosanna: just a few days away and then the holy father will be here. greg: the pope is getting here on thursday. lots of people excited. it is going to be a bit of a hassle but we can handle it. he's in cuba. coming to washington d.c. tomorrow. heads of state from around the world are coming to town. rosanna: and the president of the united states. greg: yes, later in the week. rosanna: don't forget, the horse show in central park. greg: a horse show? rosanna: yes, we have a horse coming to "good day." there is a big show. we are going to teresa priolo, she's talking about security, and traffic, she's outside of st. patrick's cathedral. >> reporter: good morning, we are monitoring the last minute preparations here at st. patrick's cathedral before
8:04 am
the pope's visit to the u.s. and they were painting the scaffolding, it is interesting, they want it looking pretty as they are working here. as they work, the pope is in cuba and yesterday he greeted hundreds of thousands of people telling them to open themselves up to the world offering an optimistic message before the u.s. visit. a message of peace, upwards of two hundred thousands, packed the iconic revolution square and batting the sun to celebrate with the holiness. pope is using the first trip to cuba and reminding the cubans that quote service is neither i'd logical, we don't serve
8:05 am
after mass, pope francis met with fidel castro. >> the pope was happy about this meeting and the members of the family were present. >> this weekend's trip, is beginning of the nine day jaunt to our neck of the woods, he's headed to washington on tuesday thursday, where the schedule goes along with the u.n. general assembly and security is a concern. >> we have a lot of moving parts but we have over a 170 world leaders and his holiness, never happened before at the same time, but the nypd is ready. >> and new yorkers are ready to greet the pope. >> this is an interesting moment in the church. he's an a great pope.
8:06 am
>> the pope is coming to town thursday evening and leaves on friday or saturday rather, when you are trying to get around, he has no trouble, we should use mass transit. that is a latest from here. >> greg: thank you, teresa. this as well, politics. rosanna: controversy surrounding one of the presidential candidates and the person causing it, not donald trump. greg: there is ben carson, what'd he do and why'd he do it? >> reporter: ben carson is soft spoken and you wouldn't expect him to make the headlines like this. they are following the run in from donald trump from a man that claimed the president obama was muslim. all the words are drawing
8:07 am
securityny and carly fiorina is making a charge. a new poll is showing wednesday was a good evening for carly fiorina. donald trump has the support of 24% who identify as or lean republican. fiorina rocketed to second place with 15%, carson in third with 14%. the poll is showing how strong fiorina's performance was and how hungry americans are for an outsider. nearly a third of the republicans surveyed in the poll thought trump lost on wednesday's debate. on the day after, trump failed to correct a man claiming that president obama is a muslim. >> we have a problem in the country, it is called muslims and we know that current president is one.
8:08 am
a muslim in charge of this nation. i wouldn't agree with that. congress is a different story, depends on who the muslim is and the policies just as it depends on whoever anybody else is. >> the islamic relations called for him to pull out of the race. it is something that could happen, i don't know if we have to address that, that is something that could happen. >> jill biden said she's on board if her decides to run. clinton is asking about a new opponent. >> i have great respect and affection affection for him. >> take a look at the amusing cover of this week's new york magazine, donald trump is outfitd with a wig and looking
8:09 am
that remains to be seen if trump will rise to the same office as washington. greg: new york magazine. thanks a lot. did you notice, you mentioned joe biden, this guy really could ride. man, there is support out there and growing disenchantment with hillary. rosanna: and his wife is supporting him, of course she would. i guess, she's open to the possibility that he's going to run, right? > reporter: i think this is going back and forth, greg, rosanna, whether he's jumping in or not. he had an emotional talk to stephen colbert about the loss of his son, some people saying
8:10 am
now meeting with the big money doe nars and conversation heard on the amtrak train, they say he's in. so i wouldn't be surprised in the next couple of weeks we get an announcement. greg: wow, all the guys are saying it is going to happen. is hillary, i mean, she's said i support whatever he's got to make the right direction, is she freaking out behind the scenes? >> well, she was talking last week and criticizing biden for the time in the senate, well, things have turned the corner. game on. and i think you are going to see a lot more of that, the knives coming out once biden comes? rosanna: what about carson's comments? >> well, they are standing by
8:11 am
president. he's taking a lot of heat for the comments. lained lindsay graham saying he should apologize and others say he needs to drop out and that is not going to happen. >> greg: thank you, see you later. rosanna: greg, a lot more bike racks around town. citi bikes. color. i won't ride one. tell me more. rosanna: they are in jersey city as well. the system is 350 bikes at 35 stations making it the largest bike share system in the nation. it is interchangeable with new york's system, so riders that commute between jersey city and new york are able to use their memberships for both. you can take your bike from
8:12 am
jersey city to new york city? >> greg: you take it on the boats. the ferry system. rosanna: is that okay? greg: you just reported that. put it on the ferry and you are fine. rosanna: okay, yaer. greg: don't worry about it, it is not on your way to work. jacket. we have cool readings north and west of the city. the numbers in the 40s. monticello 52. 59 in central park. we have clouds spilling in across the area and we are going to have a mix of sun and clouds for monday. low pressure we are watching, it is towards the south, it is providing rain across parts of western virginia, headed up to
8:13 am
off shore. tudz, lots of clouds in place, the rain should stay to the south. but i can't rule out the chance of isolated showers. wednesday, things are clearing out. plenty of sunshine. it is sticking with us for the second half of the week. chilly in the shade today. highs cooler than we have seen and the numbers mostly in the 70s. tonight we are expecting a chilly evening, especially po if north and west. tomorrow it is continuing to be windy and more clouds and temperatures are hoovering in the mid 70s. awe utumn begins on wednesday. plenty of sunshine into the weekend and the 70s. lows in the 50s and 60s.
8:14 am
track the weather with us at the fox 5 weather app. let's see what you can see on the roads this morning. ines is here. ines: well, right now the commute westchester, tappan zee bridge, you have a big backup beyond the garden state parkway. delays there headed to tappan zee bridge. westchester side okay. morning. l.i.e. slow. cross island parkway, traffic is backing up to the southern state travelling northbound. now to the cameras, staten island expressway by bradley avenue. hudson river crossings, 495, it is an a minutes delay inbound. the george washington bridge and
8:15 am
the holland tunnel 30 minutes. greg: all right, gloria. rosanna: she is making hits, going to broadway. >> greg: okay, rosanna is making a great deal of progress learning the flags. here we go, rosanna. come on. what? you knew this one. blue and yellow. rosanna: yellow oh, it looks white. ukraine. greg: excellent. bing bing bing. greece. rosanna: poland? greg: no. pointing at -- >> rosanna: czech. mas donee ya. >> things to remember the flag. i need something to help remember the things i need to
8:16 am
greg: we are going to knock them dead. a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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8:19 am
>> what else is going on? rosanna: it is a crisp day out there. we are getting down to business. there should be a pep in the step for monday. lauren, how we doing this morning? > reporter: wonder. fall, pumpkin. i not thinking dominos.
8:20 am
order online and pick up the order. go pick it up, get a pizza free if you purchase one. greg: okay, what about the wings? > reporter: i think it is just the pizzas. rosanna: don't you just want a pizza? greg: we just want to know about the deal. limitations? >> reporter: ordering on line and having to pick it up. carry-out orders only. rosanna: lauren, how about the baby bump update? can we see? >> reporter: okay, it is getting big, 19 days left. rosanna: that is great, you are looking beautiful. >> reporter: i am high though. so i have to wait longer? rosanna: i was ten days late
8:21 am
>> reporter: i would love to be ten days early. greg: i am surprised we don't see more pregnant woman walking around. >> reporter: they are everywhere, you have to be there to notice it. rosanna: emily smith yesterday and stacy yesterday, she's pregnant and about to give birth any second. she was this skinny with a basketball. >> reporter: we hate her. greg: what? rosanna: well. >> reporter: she's looking great. rosanna: she says her babies are like nine poupd nds. this is her third child. the clothing lining ason and olivia. >> reporter: i wore one of those
8:22 am
rosanna: you are looking great. greg: what else? rosanna: well, things scary on the east river a. proposal goes haywire when the boats capsized in the east river. >> 19 people on the dragon boat. greg: the boat capsized because of a large wave. listen to the fiance, the groom to be. >> the proposal went well. it was just making it back to the dock. thankfully i held on to ring. >> good thing i didn't put the ring in the dry bag. rosanna: hmm. i am happy they are okay. the boat sank.
8:23 am
everybody was wearing life jackets. so happy ending to this story. greg: a place called the new york military academy. are we ready for this? yes. we are holding the story. donald trump's high school closing their doors. rosanna: the new season of empire is kicking off on wednesday on fox 5. we have grace here. greg: there she is. okay, we are looking outside,
8:24 am
are we ready for this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of
8:25 am
or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do... to keep us all doin' what we do. greg: this is columbus circle. we are cool like that. we are bros. rosanna: did you go to his apartment. greg: what they did, the statute
8:26 am
there, they built scaffolding around him and decorated it like a living room. rosanna: and you saw it up close and personal. we said we were going to do it going to do it and it is gone. >> greg: with the diplomats coming to new york, we are boning up on all of the countries. rosanna: italy. greg: excellent. this is tricky. albania. we are in the learning portion. finland. how do we remember that one? greg: it is a tough one. latvia.
8:27 am
>> mr. trump is from slovania. i don't know what we are going to do with this. rosanna: i don't know. what'd you think, audrey, can you use this at cocktail parties this week? audrey: i will, actually. you can take the flash cards with you. you can impress your friends. audrey: good conversation starter. rosanna: you are snap chatting. audrey: i'm senate chatting my man crush. well, to the weather, it is chilly out there, folks, headed out the door, chilly temperatures to the north and to the west. the readings are to the 40s. we are starting the season this wednesday, it is coming in and it is feeling like it all week
8:28 am
50 is sussex. 59 in central park. 60s in montauk. so right now, we have readings in the 50s westchester. 55 white plains. bedford 52. f 60 in the bronx. we have clouds spilling over across the area this morning, we have a mix of sun and clouds throughout monday. tomorrow, i think we are going to see more in the way of the clouds and all courtesy of the low pressure passing to the southeast. it could clip us an isolated shower along the jersey shore. mix of sun and clouds. little cooler than we have seen lately. autumn is coming in on wednesday. a high of 78. temperatures are nice throughout the end of the week.
8:29 am
with the traffic update. >> a lot of folks out there. here is the l.i.e., traffic both directions. a lot of red there. delays on the cross island parkway. the new jersey commute, not so bad. normal delays on the parkway. headed to the excess toll plaza. take a look at the freeway. traffic moving better. eastbound side the fine. george washington bridge right now upper driving into the city, 40 minutes upper. 30 on the lower. lincoln tunnel a stall inside one of the tubes. the buses have a 30 minute delay. if you are driving, using 495, 50 minutes into the city. holland tunnel 30. >> thank you, ines.
8:30 am
so over the weekend, actually 8 people killed by gun fire in new york city. the latest a cab driver shot this morning in the bronx. 8 people overall. what's going on with gun violence in the city? rosanna: the mayor is dealing with fallout from the former tennis star james blake that was wrongly taken down outside of a hotel in manhattan. he's meeting with the mayor and the commissioner later in the day. greg: kerry is on this. hi, kerry. >> reporter: the mayor's office confirmed that james blake is meeting with them today, but we don't know when or where the meet something taking place. this morning we are standing right by the location where the former tennis star was tackled by an nypd officer in a case of mistaken identity. this is 42nd street in midtown.
8:31 am
from september 9th, captured the officer grabbing blake by the rm an and throwing him to the arm after mistaking him for a suspect. duty. james blake says that the mayor and the police commissioner incident. >> mr. bratton and mr. deblasio have apologized, and i appreciate and respect that, i am sure it is not the first time or the last time. i want them to apologize to other people that don't have the voice that i have. >> james blake called for the officer to be fired. shortly after the incident, he wants to city to make a financial commitment to improve the relationship between the serve. we don't know what the topics will be in the meeting today, but perhaps that will be among
8:32 am
about. that is the latest from here. greg: the new york military academy, around for over a century, donald trump went to school there. john gotty went there. rosanna: it is reported that the struggling private boarding school in orange county shutdown this morning. donald trump went there. greg: i saw the ads growing up in the new york times magazine. they are looking for $9.5 million. the military was hard, to do in high school would be hard but provided the structure and the discipline. rosanna: what happens to the kids that are there right now. parents are scrambling. greg: meanwhile, the pope is on the way to america. rosanna: he's coming in thursday
8:33 am
afternoon, tomorrow he's in d.c. right now he's in cuba and visiting the eastern city, the third largest on the island. thousands of people gathered in the city's central plaza there. greg: he's there with fidel castro. in the adidas suit. rosanna: the pope is going to visit the second largest city and set to arrive in d.c. tomorrow. new york city on thursday. he's 78 years old and doesn't stop. greg: he's got the same birthday as me, december 17th. rosanna: really? greg: what else?
8:34 am
of new york are greeting the pope. they are recording special messages for the pope. i did a welcome message. greg: so the pope is going to rosanna: i don't know. here is a sampling. we welcome pope francis the new york. >> i welcome pope francis to new york city. so happy to have you. >> thank you to the service to jesus christ. i was hungry you gave me food. >> did you come up with that? rosanna: i was quoting from the bible. you can record a message go to charity has no greg: don't make it so long. rosanna: the messages will be
8:35 am
there you go, greg. greg: he can't sit there too long. rosanna: now to hit show gotham. greg: we are going outside. rosanna: coming up. greg: it is chilly out there, folks. rosanna: there is 6th avenue. greg: we have the capitalism next to church headquarters. everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. has it with the fastest internet 500 mbps. we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement.
8:36 am
rosanna: all right. greg: the church had to be the tallest building in town years ago. and now everything is eclipsing. st. patrick's the magnificent. rosanna: and it is ready. flags. in front of the vatican. it is a country. rosanna: there it is. if ever a place to be an ambassador to, it is the vatican.
8:37 am
meanwhile, ben has a preview of a new fox documentary. ben: faith, science, does it make sense to believe in god. rosanna: don't start that now. greg: ben, we are watching carefully. we are two believers. ben: it is interesting, a lot of people, including the pope, yes, it does make sense. take a look at wa we found. >> i thought i was hearing a voice that was not my own. ben: that is not something you hear every day. >> it was pretty strong. ben: ask a person of strong faith and chances are they can tell you why. at least why they are here. >> people are hungry to know is faith crazy or something to it. ben: faith is not crazy says the radio host.
8:38 am
it is not at odds with the scientific facts either. >> it is clear it just didn't happen. >> he worked on the project and finally discovered the so called god particle. >> it is key to the universe. this thing is an important key to how the universe works. ben: that is just a part of what you are going to see tonight. proof of good today at 5:00. rosanna: faith, faith, that is why you call it faith. greg: at 11 years old you have doubts. it is hard to explain. rosanna: thank you. meanwhile, the talk about the poem coming to our town is
8:39 am
capitalistic tradition. greg: pope souvenirs. rosanna: so many, bobble heads. unbelievable. rose airs. i hear they are selling out. you can buy things like pope toaster. greg: see that. image of the pope on the bread. >> this is possibly a collector's item. it is more about creating something that brings joy and of to people. it is fun watching the dough rise. rosanna: don't forget, greg, $20 pope shaped mozzarella. greg: that is ridiculous. what is that, pope wine? rosanna: some beer that's pope inspired. greg: well, money to be made.
8:40 am
coming up, remember gloria es stefan? >> she and her husband in business for a long time and making music together, he's here and putting together some of the biggest latino artists in world
8:41 am
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almonds. cashews. seeds. honey. and a touch of sea salt. delicious made simple. the new simple nut bar from nature valley. greg: what is the movie, not a classic, tower heist? ben stiller, right? rosanna: i didn't see that one. greg: well, that is the building. rosanna: i might have seen a clip of that. greg: that is one of the flag ship restaurants.
8:44 am
greg: i watched it on youtube. anna: let's start with the winner for the outstanding lead actress, viola davis, becoming the first african-american to win lead actress in that category and gaving a moving acceptance speech. >> the only thing that separates woman of color is opportunity. you cannot win an emmy for roles that are simply not there. anna: she won for how to get away with murder. well deserved. rosanna: she's so good in that show. greg: why is he on stage like that? anna: nominated 16 times, 8
8:45 am
times for madmen. the joke is he's like finally throwing himself on to the stage. greg: i didn't get it. anna: i got it. it worked. it translated. rosanna: who'd he come with? >> christina hendrix from madmen. he thanked family and friends and jen and corera. so the exgirlfriend and his dog. she has contributed to his success, 18 years together. one of the biggest surprises of the night, an appearance by tracey morgan and presented an award and made an emotional speech.
8:46 am
>> i missed you guys so much. last year jimmy kimmel said i will see you back here next year, well, jimmy, thanks to the doctors, my family and my wife, i'm here. [applause] standing on my own two feet. god bless all of you for your love, your prayers and positive thoughts over the past 15 months. thank you. i'm honored to be at the emmy's. it is a long road back. i suffer add traumatic brain injury, that put me in a coma for 8 days, i finally regained
8:47 am
wasn't the one that messed up. [laughter] anna: he was there to present outstanding drama series that went to game of thrones. greg: he's sounding like himself. anna: yes, he feels back to himself. then another standout of the night, zeep. greg: thank you, anna. rosanna: empire returns for a new season this week. we talk to the actress. coming up. all of our legendary
8:48 am
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rosanna: good song. greg geg here we go. rosanna: are you on your feet, you are the facebook fan of the hour. thank you for saying nice things about us. greg: the commissioner is coming
8:51 am
up. name the country? rosanna: china. >> no, chile. we going to know them by thursday.
8:52 am
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